Training and Popular Education


Training and popular education are strategies intended to build individual’s and group’s capacity to understand structural racism, practice analyzing and applying, and build confidence and skills to act individually and collectively. Groups using these strategies note that, while they are important components of a comprehensive effort, people should not confuse training with doing the work itself.

An important and useful resource in this area is Training for Racial Equity and Inclusion: A Guide to Selected Programs by Ilana Shapiro, in partnership with Project Change Anti-Racism Initiative, The Aspen Institute Roundtable on Community Change and the Center for Assessment and Policy Development. Dr. Shapiro offers descriptions of several training programs including their theories of change. She also offers questions to guide the selection of a training program (p. 113).

Content in this section also includes descriptions, lessons learned, evaluations and critiques. Also, see Curricula tab for Racial Equity Learning and Transforming White Privilege modules and World Trust Educational Service’s learning films.



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