Moving from the status quo to a just and equitable society requires long-term and sustained effort. Thinking just about organized and collective actions, it takes times to bring people on board, agree on a plan and put it into action. Some trial and error is always involved. In addition, the original plans, even if they are implemented very well, may not line up with goals as groups revisit, refine and keep going. New leaders join the effort and the work transitions across political and other champions. Even when some goals are achieved, past experience suggests constant effort is required to hold on to those gains. All of these challenges and opportunities are important to consider when trying to sustain work aimed at promoting racial equity at systemic, institutional, individual and cultural levels.

This section provides resources and tips on ways to move work forward past the initial round of enthusiasm and support, and to continue building the capacity of a group or community to learn from and refine its work.

In this section: