Organizational Capacity Building


This section provides resources and tools to grow organizations that can sustain racial equity work, with attention to their internal processes as well as their capacities to work on equity. Many organizational development practices and capacity building tools do not integrate structural racism analysis. This section includes resources that may have some helpful information or tools but may not have this analysis. Modifying a tool to have this analysis is about understanding how some processes privilege particular groups and people (often white people compared to people of color, middle class and wealthy people compared to working class and poor people, those with an extensive formal education compared to those without an extensive formal education, native English speakers over non-native English speakers, heterosexuals over those who identify as LGBTQ, etc.) and marginalize others. Please see the Reviewing Resources Tip Sheet when using some of these tools.

It is fundamental for organizations working on racial equity issues to assess and improve their own practices - governance, decision-making, resource allocation, hiring, and promotion and so on - on a regular basis. Why? To ensure that the organizations’ practices and policies reflect the just and inclusive system being created, rather than the unjust and discriminatory one being dismantled.




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