I have a question about Racial Equity Tools, how can I get it answered?

Please email your question to info@racialequitytools.org.  Alternatively, post your question on our Facebook page. We will respond as soon as possible, and we may also post your question and our response here in FAQs.

How do I print a full page of content on this site?

Topic information on this site is organized into "accordions" that open and close with a click.  If you would like to view or print all of the information available on a given page at once, click the "+" sign in the little white box at the top of the list of accordion topics.  That will open all accordions. From there you can print by going to File > Print in your browser.

How do I submit a resource for inclusion in the Racial Equity Tools libary?

The Racial Equity Tools community helps us keep abreast of resources that are available to support those working toward equity. To submit a resource for consideration please:

1) Join our community by creating an account here.

2) Once logged in to your account, you can submit a document or website url using the Submit a Resource form.

Thank you for your support.

What are some useful resources for parents who want to deepen their own knowledge or talk with their children about race or racism?

Below are a few ideas – they are mostly directed to adults and some include useful information for how to help children explore their own experiences as well.

Our community group has been meeting for a while and mostly been conducting dialogue sessions and workshops about racial equity for people in our community and other organizations. We have been outraged over events including the Zimmerman verdict in Florida. We are ready to take our work to a new level – what can we do?

I have a community meeting coming up and want to share data on how racism impacts the education system; can you point me to some data?

Yes, we have two sections on the site which can assist you.  The first is a specific section under the tab “Data”, with links to statistics on a variety of issues. Currently, included are:

We encourage you to sign up to receive notification when new resources are being posted, since this is one section we will do our best to keep up-to-date. 

Also in the Planning Section, we include information on 19 different issues, including education; you will find statistical reports, promising practices, academic papers, and strategies being used by different organizations and communities. 

Please also take a look at Tip Sheet On Using Available Data.

When people talk about racism – are they talking about the way individuals treat each other, laws like stop and frisk, who runs the country or the fact that some groups seem to do better in the U.S. than others? Is there anything on the site to help me sort out these ideas or talk to others about how they are different or related?

People use the term “racism” differently, but for many people in racial justice work, the term is used specifically to refer to active or passive things that that contribute to creating different consequences for people of color and whites.  Structural racism is a term people use to describe how different “dimensions” of racism (cultural, institutional and individual) work together.  Structural racism thus describes the system by which racism is developed, maintained and protected. In each of the sections below, you will find resources such as essays, academic articles and videos on dimensions of racism and how they work: