Resistance and Movements

A booklet from United Against Racism notes that, “Historically, resistance has taken different forms and shapes…Different groups and individuals took part in different kinds of resistance. Today we do not have to emulate them literally but we should know about the diversity of traditions of resistance.” They describe multiple historic and current forms of resistance: partisan uprisings, warfare, civil disobedience, and cultural resistance via art, music, theater and literature. The site also notes that, “Resistance against racism can be traced back to the opposition of native peoples of Africa, the Americas and Asia to the European colonial yoke and to slavery. Revolts and uprisings against racist colonial rule occurred throughout centuries of European colonialism. The 1791 Haitian revolution…stands out: an army composed of former slaves repeatedly defeated the forces of big colonial powers and laid foundations for an independent black republic. Another example is the struggle of the Chechen people who resisted Russian imperialism for almost a century. Another form of resistance was maintaining the native cultures and identities of the oppressed peoples despite attempts at uprooting whole ethnic groups.”

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