About Alameda County Office of Education

The Alameda County Office of Education (ACOE) established its Art IS Education program in 1999 to demonstrate the measurable benefits of learning in and through the arts and to ensure that the arts are at the core of the highest quality public education across the curriculum, for every child, in every school, every day.

Through its Alliance for Arts Learning Leadership, a collaborative network including the Alameda County Arts Commission, the 18 school districts in Alameda County, community arts service providers, higher education partners, and parents, ACOE has prioritized activities around two main goals:  1) Develop a professional community of educators able to respond to students’ diverse learning needs through arts integrated instruction; and 2) Support policy change that advances the essential role of instruction and assessment in and through the arts in high-quality public education.

This culturally relevant module comes from the Alliance’s Arts Integration Specialist Program, where teachers develop expertise and leadership for school-based arts integration. Through this program, educators develop strategies and confidence to teach critical pedagogy so that students understand the world as it is today, and envision and change it to a socially and racially just world.

The overall goal is to end the racial disparities in academic experiences and outcomes, and to transform the system of public education so that its sole function is to lift every child to his or her greatest potential and create pathways for full and productive lives.