Making the Case


The ability to make a strong case for racial equity work is itself an important change process. This includes the ability to communicate goals, strategies and outcomes in ways that various audiences can hear and which motivate action. It also includes the ability to tailor a message to particular audiences, for example using a tougher message to keep supporters motivated and a softer message to pull in “fence-sitters” (see Some Thoughts About Public Will). It can also include ways of using data and stories together; thinking about what each contributes in terms of messaging and motivating or influencing action. In addition, whenever communicating about racial equity or related issues of racism and privilege, it is helpful to learn more about what implicit or explicit biases and assumptions particular audiences are likely to bring to bear on a message. Communications strategists research this piece of their work extensively, so they can include context and “inoculating” ideas, words and stories that increase the likelihood that what they are communicating is heard as intended. Resources in this section include different ways communities and organizations make the case for racial equity work. In addition, there are resources about using data and information as tools to educate and engage people. Please also see Data section, and Evaluation section Tip Sheets on ways of presenting data for other ideas and insights.




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