Change Process

This section offers resources on several processes of change – that is, how groups and communities do racial equity work. It covers several levels and types of change, including individual transformation, leadership, processes targeted to organizational or community level change, and movement building. While each of these can be thought of as a separate process, with its own tools and hoped for outcomes, most long-term racial equity efforts end up using a combination of these processes. They use individual transformative processes to help the individuals doing racial equity work to develop common vocabulary and frameworks, particularly to expand awareness and understanding of white privilege, whiteness and to understand more fully the systemic and personal ways that racism is internalized. They use organizational, institutional, system level and movement change strategies depending on where the work starts, and its breadth and depth over time. And, whether racial equity work is targeted at communities, organizations or is part of a broader movement, it often also includes acknowledgement of a variety of ways of being a leader, multiple leadership competencies, and the values of collective as well as individual leadership. Many groups also attend to accountability by seeking ways in which people doing racial equity work can ensure that their work is led by and consistent with the interests of the groups most impacted by racial outcomes. This section provides resources in each of these areas.

In this section: