Many efforts to promote racial equity include attention to supporting leadership as one of their change processes. These include practices that help individuals and groups build confidence and capacity to address some of the core competencies of leadership for racial equity. These practices and skills may include: deep understanding of racism and privilege at all levels, ways of talking about (Framing and Messaging) core concepts and opportunities to promote racial equity in ways that can be heard by various audiences, how to help others align their values and behaviors as a way of promoting personal transformation that leads to action, among many others. Many individuals and groups also take risks and use their personal and organizational power and influence to promote important changes – stepping up as individual or collective leaders in racial equity work. At the same time, as noted in Leadership & Race How to Develop and Support Leadership that Contributes to Racial Justice “Leadership can play a critical role in either contributing to racial justice or reinforcing prevailing patterns of racial inequality and exclusion. In an ever-changing multicultural society, filled with racial complexities, the role that leadership plays requires continual re-examination and reshaping…we need to change our leadership development thinking and approaches in order to become part of the solution to racial inequities.” This section includes resources about leadership and supporting individual and collective leaders for racial equity work, as well as some examples of approaches aimed at interrupting and transforming dominant cultural leadership ideas and development processes.

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