Public and underground media have always been important channels for people working to create racial equity. With new media and social media, there are even more ways now for people to communicate, organize, disrupt and challenge dominant thinking. There are a number of groups doing leading edge work to seize these opportunities. One, The Praxis Project, sums up the challenges and opportunities this way (please read full discussion in Fair Game: A Strategy Guide for Racial Justice Communications in the Obama Era) “Communications is just one tool in a plentiful toolbox we can use to advance racial justice—and we’ll need them all. Transforming society, which is what is will take to create a fundamentally just and inclusive world, takes more than clever sound bites…governance structures privilege certain voices and political trends in the public conversation…So, we have to starting framing smart and organizing smart…Unless we take on these larger, undergirding [political] structures that shape power dynamics and the socialization of people at scale, our wins will remain limited and fleeting.”

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