Violence, Safety and Community Peace


As the Institute for Community Peace points out, violence in communities threatens not only our physical safety, it also "diminishes our sense of community and suppresses civic engagement by fostering civic distrust," making organizing around any issue much more difficult. The Boys and Young Men of Color organization, notes “This violence may be manifested by systematic policies that foster disinvestment, by practices that remove jobs from communities, by historical federal and banking practices that denied bank loans to low income communities of color, by current practices that similarly deny mortgage insurance, and by taxation policy that robs communities of the tax revenue for basic services. This violence is not interpersonal, but results in significant harm. This definition of violence is crucial, both as a systemic injustice done to young men and boys of color and as a cause of interpersonal violence.” The resources in this section document several strategies for working towards peace and addressing the violence that persists in many communities.



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